Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Konichiwa !

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Assalamualaikum and hi guys :) so, its been a long time i havent update my blog. Kinda lazy. I got no story to tell actually. so, erm. you guys know that i cant play sports too much and cant run for half of a year. My ligament koyak and tulang bengkak dalam because of playing hockey. nahh, i dont really care because i love sports so much. its kinda malu kena pkai tongkat everywhere. haha. people keeps staring at you. lol.  this is not what i want story for today actually.

wearing hijab is not easy. people judge you. they'll say "oh syuhadah pkai tudung sbb nak lawa, sbb fesyen, sbb colour rambut or whatever". it is a challenge. i've been through so much and look at me now. im strong. sorry but i wear hijab because of allah. not fashion or so on. Everything i do, i do it for allah with a sincere heart. well, apa salahnya klau pkai tudung sbb fesyen. its good however. lama2 nnt pkai lah. Hidayah tak boleh ditunggu, kita yg perlu cari :)

what ah? erm, lets change topic. its 4 days more till Ramadhan. ya allah, i cant wait. this year raya gonna celebrate dkat Mekah. Alhamdulillah. Rezeki keluarga saya murah sgt. i am so happy. Cant wait to see kaabah and sujud in front of it. Only Allah knows how hard i pray and actually my doa makbul. syukur. 

school ah. great i guess. form two is stress. STRESS. i repeat STRESS. too much push for study cause we're the last batch for PMR. argh. im suffering. my penilaian 1 is okay 4A. but, mid year was AWFULLY BAD. 1A. i played too much and thats enough. i wanna study hard and i wanna prove that i can do better. InsyaAllah. So, thats all i guess. Bye and assalamualaikum :>

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