Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life life life.

Posted by S

Hi guys :( Its saturday. I know right. I have to go back to hostel tomorrow. But mama so kind and she let me to go back on Monday. Alahamdullilah. Lol. I know u're gonna say im so malas or whatever. U just dont know what i've been trough so STFU. I just dont like the school the environment the student everything is just not right for me. It doesn't suit me. AT ALL!!! I dont know whats the reason but i just cant stand there. Just cant.

So, i've been thinking wisely, i'd made my desicion to move. I mean i will still stay hostel but not Aminuddin Baki. My choice? Setiabudi :) Sekolah agama. At least Sarah is there. hm. Takut nak bgtau mama. I know setiabudi is private school. But, nahhh i dont knw. Tension.Mama expect me to sabar. Ya allah. Dah cuba mama. Bnyak kali. And im sick of everything. Baba keep pushing me to study study study. Im not a robot.

Life is unfair :( Sometimes i regret for getting good results waktu UPSR. Nak buat cano. If Allah wants it to happen , it will. I guess satu hari nnt i'll get a better repay who knows ? :) Smpai sini sahaja. Assalamualaikum and take care guys xx

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