Friday, March 16, 2012

WTH ?!

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Hye guys :( Im sad right now. How pathetic is my life !! Slalu kena tipu. Kena tipu buta2. Ya allah. Why is this happening to me. Besarnya dugaan. Aliff lied to me . And he tried to deny everything when terang2 that thing is true. Madafaka -_- Sorry. I just cant control myself. Dia betul2 cabar kesabaran aku. I'll make sure he regret . mark that.

So the tragedy begins yesterday. I tweet like this #BestThingAboutSingle Being alone never feels better than having someone special :( So, theres no best thing about single. He favorited my tweet. I was like OH EM GEE? terkejut lah because i know he feels lonely too like i do :( But suddenly my eyes were focusing on his display name on twitter that goes like this 'ribuzsinahraf'. Err? I tried to terbalikkan and i got the name 'farhaniszubir' . Dan, waktu itu lah i am crying like an idiot. Bkannya jealous just rasa stupid because he lied to me. 

So, what i did is i bash him dlam tweet. Takde lah mention. Biasa lah Syuhada. Dia terasa. And the worst part is he is being in denial. He deny benda tu tak btul. Dia kata saya main tuduh, Gossip sekolah sahaja. (farhanis tu schoolmate dia) And i was like WTF -_- Igt aku nak percaya ke. Dia tweet lah semua bnda tu of course.Hm. Sakit hati en? He lied to me. He lied. Can you believe it?! he actually lied to me.

I wake up this morning forget about the past. In a happy mood to watch Tv, eat Nasi lemak. I online my facebook and guess what? Aliff is in a relationship with Farhanis Zubir and i was like ya allah besarnya dugaan. Thats the word yg came out from my mouth. And all i can think about is theres more guy out there who knows how to appreciate me, who can treat me 123456789 kali ganda better than him. Sorry bro. I am not like what you think. Im strong enough. 

Nmpak gmbar tu? That is my reaction when i saw your face BIATCHHH!! haha. Assalamualaikum xx

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